amina mohamedAs a professional Mortgage Broker, living and working in Newmarket, Ontario, Amina has a passion for helping people attain home ownership across the GTA and York Region. Having come from a background working in Film and Television, both as a producer and production manager, Amina has skills that help her go above and beyond, for her clients.

For instance, Amina especially loved the aspect of working with a raw product (film or television script), raising the funds needed and then seeing it finally on the big screen. Amina treats the mortgage process the same way!

Amina loves getting a new client, whether they be first time home buyers, people looking for a refinance, or real estate investors looking for their 1st or 10th property. Amina enjoys educating her clients, working them through the mortgage process and then finally seeing them owning the property. It is a very rewarding experience!

Amina especially enjoys educating people about the mortgage process –through her Blog and Monthly Newsletters. Amina's number one goal is to provide customer service throughout the mortgage process and beyond closing.


Mortgages come in various shapes and sizes - you need a Mortgage Broker, that can worry about which lender will accept your deal. With just one single credit inquiry, Amina can shop your financing requirements to the marketplace with over 40 lenders to choose from.

Why worry about which lender to take your deal to when Amina can take care of that for you?

Amina works with all types of clients and specializes with the following types of borrowers:

Keeping in mind that no mortgage is a one-size fits all solution – no matter what situation you are facing, Amina will ensure that you are getting the mortgage that works for you today and into the future!