Many real estate investors start out with a dream of owning many properties but ultimately, many things can sway the dream or the well-thought out plans, such as low inventory, high prices, low cash flow and the inability to qualify.

So you have money but can’t get the returns you want, or you cannot find a property within your budget, so how can you make that money work for you?  There are many different options available.

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Last week, I was contacted by a new client who lives and works in Richmond Hill. His renewal is up in November but he wanted to put some plans into place because he had just come into some money ($125,000 from an inheritance).

The balance on his mortgage is approximately $100,000 and he has approximately $500,000 of equity in his property.

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The RRSP deadline has just passed and statistics show that on average in Canada, just over half of the population has a RRSP and of that only a third max it out each year. Not everyone chooses to contribute to an RRSP. Many of us who are self-employed, have opted instead to contribute to a TFSA.

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