I first started my real estate “career” as a home stager – it was from that experience that I was exposed to real estate investing and took the plunge to become an investor in Rent-To-Own single family homes, as I really wanted to help others become homeowners. After the last year or so, I thought by becoming a mortgage agent, I could also help people, who were not interested in Rent-To-Own because not everyone will qualify for a Rent-to-Own property and or be interested in this mode of homeownership.

I have been asked by people how do I ethically serve my clients by being both a mortgage agent and an investor? I am not pushing one way or another but preferably looking at a person’s overall debt picture. I will first interview my clients about their goals and aspirations as it applies to homeownership; I then gather all of their income and debt numbers and then finally look at their credit bureau. Continue reading

I had a great meeting last week with a prospective client.  They wanted to know how to pay off their 25 year mortgage in 10 years.  It was a huge focus for them as they wanted to take the money left over after paying off their mortgage and put it towards their retirement savings.  They are both in their 40’s and want to be debt free by their early 50’s.

They like many of us did not take savings seriously and so now in their 40’s find themselves with a hefty mortgage and not much in the way of savings.  I assured them that to do so would mean making sacrifices, such as less traveling, which they both love to do and eating at home instead of eating out, which they also love doing.  They assured me they were committed.  Of course there were many more sacrifices they would have to make but these were two of the biggest in their particular scenario. Continue reading