Mortgage Solutions

There are over 40 different lenders in the marketplace vying for your business, including Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies to name a few.  As a borrower it can be quite confusing as to which lender has your best interests at heart! Furthermore, aside from Banks and Credit Unions, most lenders are only accessible through a licensed mortgage professional.

So how do you as a borrower looking for the best rates, terms and products navigate this confusing landscape?  That’s simple – you use a professional, licensed mortgage agent to do the work on your behalf!

Knowing whether you are self-employed, employed, a first time home buyer or even an investor is important as it directs me to finding a solution for your particular circumstance.  As a licensed mortgage broker, I work diligently to get YOU the borrower, the BEST mortgage product that works for your situation!

There are numerous solutions I can provide – read on and see how I can assist you in various financing situations!

First Time Home Buyers

Perhaps you want to purchase your first home? 

As a licensed mortgage agent, working with buyers all over the GTA, I can assist you in budgeting, so you know all the costs associated with buying a home as well as owning a home and what this looks like on a monthly basis.

With recent changes to the down payment rules in Canada, you want to make sure you not only have enough but you are budgeting accordingly as there are so many more costs associated with owning a home than renting. 

As a licensed mortgage agent, I guarantee to get you the best mortgage deal possible and to make the entire process as smooth and seamless as possible, while ensuring the mortgage you get today fits your future!

Click here for more information about the First Time Home Buyer programs available to you and/or an analysis of what you can afford to buy!

Newcomers To Canada

Perhaps you are new to Canada and want to purchase a home instead of renting?

As an immigrant to Canada, I can understand how confusing it can be to navigate the various mortgage products available.  Not only must you worry about how to assimilate into our wonderful new country, but you might also be concerned with how to provide for your family with your own home, building your equity and your dreams.

There are many options available to New Comers, but knowing which one applies to you might not be so easy to assess. While it’s true that the banks will offer you a mortgage, it might not be the best rate.  Using a licensed mortgage professional is your best option as we can find you the lowest rate in the marketplace, while ensuring that the mortgage you choose fits the needs of your family.Click

Click here for more information about the New to Canada Program.

Mortgages for Investors

Perhaps you are a real estate investor and wish to purchase your first property or increase your portfolio?

Canada and especially Ontario offers amazing opportunities for the average person to take advantage of investing in the marketplace.  Knowing how to analyze a deal or where to purchase for cash flow is essential to your success.

Having a licensed mortgage agent and investor on your side, helping you to navigate the various markets and various lenders who support investors is important to grow your portfolio.

I support investors in all facets including:

  • Rent to Own
  • Flipping
  • Buy & Hold
  • Commercial investments
  • US investing
  • Syndicate Mortgage Investments
  • Arranging Joint Ventures and/or finding Investment partners
  • Private financing

Need help and don’t know where to turn? Click here for more information on how to start investing or keep growing your portfolio!

Ex-Pat Mortgage Solutions

Perhaps you are a Canadian who lives and works abroad and are interested in investing in a property?

Being an Expat Client, it can be frustrating to navigate the mortgage marketplace on your own.  Having a trusted mortgage agent on your side, who understands the needs of the ex-pat investor or buyer can be helpful when it comes to financing your property purchase.

In the last 3 short years the mortgage industry has undergone some drastic changes and thus you may not be aware how this could affect your purchasing power.  In addition, prices have increased dramatically so knowing the places to invest that can provide you with the best return on your money and also provide you with cash flow is essential.Markets such as Toronto and Vancouver are unaffordable for most investors, but the good news is that there are many cities that are still affordable and as a savvy investor myself, I enjoy educating my clients about where to invest not just keeping today in mind but also the future. 

Markets such as Toronto and Vancouver are unaffordable for most investors, but the good news is that there are many cities that are still affordable and as a savvy investor myself, I enjoy educating my clients about where to invest not just keeping today in mind but also the future. Click

Click here for more information on the Ex-Pat Mortgages available to you!

Commercial Mortgages

Perhaps you are interested in buying a Commercial Property?

With rates as low as they are more people have increasingly become interested in purchasing commercial properties.  There are many reasons for this:

  • Residential investors may want to purchase a commercial property to build their portfolio;
  • Commercial properties can provide better cash flow with less worry. For instance if 1 unit is vacant the other units can supplement the loss of that cash flow;
  • Commercial properties are not as difficult to manage or purchase as once thought to be.

As a mortgage agent experienced with commercial mortgages, it is important to use a professional who can help you get the lowest rate as well as the best mortgage product.  Commercial mortgages take much more work than a residential purchase and understanding what is required is essential. 

Click here to learn more about how I can help you get a Commercial mortgage!  

Self Employed Mortgage Solutions

Perhaps you are Self-Employed and have struggled to get a Mortgage?

It’s no secret that since the sub-prime crisis, the self-employed borrower has struggled to get a mortgage through the banks. Banks have changed their requirements for borrowers and the hardest hit was the self-employed borrower.  That’s where I come in – with access to over 42 lenders in the marketplace, I can assure you find a mortgage that suits your needs.

Click here for more information on how self-employed borrowers are getting mortgages with less fuss and more care!


  • The most important thing to understand is that we are licensed professionals and bank specialists are not.  We are bound by ethics and values that we adhere to as mortgage professionals;
  • My services are free  - I get paid by the lender!
  • Whether you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing I can obtain the lowest rates and best terms because of my long-standing relationships with some of the top lenders in the industry;
  • I can take one credit bureau and shop over 42 lenders in the marketplace including Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies;
  • Important to know is I don’t work for the lender – I work for you!  Getting the mortgage that suits your needs is the most important factor;
  • There are so many different mortgage products available, such as self-employed, credit challenged, low or no down-payment, hard to fund properties and even self-employed.  Products that the bank will not finance!
  • Once I obtain your vital information, I will provide you with a report that outlines all of your options, outlining all of the facts you need to keep in mind before making a decision.  Will the bank do that for you?
  • With me as a licensed mortgage broker by your side, if rates drop before you close on your mortgage, you will automatically get the lower rate and if rates go up you are protected from the rising rate as you are locked in.  Unfortunately, that is not available when you choose to deal with the bank specialist or the bank.
  • Finally, with a licensed mortgage professional I will do monthly follow-ups through my newsletter and annual mortgage check-ups to make sure the mortgage you got is still working for you.  Things in life change so your mortgage should be able to change with you!