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Investment Property Financing

Planning on buying a rental property?

Do you require residential or commercial Investment property financing?

Are you possibly looking to invest in Canada and/or the US? 

You have come to the right place!


Many Canadians have taken the wise step to purchase income-generating properties. They may invest in rent to own properties, buy & hold or even flips.

Many also invest in commercial properties, such as mixed-use, small or large apartment buildings and shopping plaza’s just to name a few.

Whatever you are interested in purchasing, having a licensed mortgage broker and one who also invests in properties as well, is your best choice.


Here are some ways I can assist you:

  • I can help you analyze the best markets and property types to invest in; not all markets offer the same opportunities for long-term growth or cash-flow;
  • I can help you find you a tenant buyer that will qualify and has the required deposit for your rent-to-own property;
  • As an investor grows his or her portfolio, they may progress to using OPM (other people’s money) or even purchasing properties through a JV (Joint Venture) agreement because they themselves may not be able to qualify for financing.
    • I can help you find a JV partner, who either has the money, can qualify on title or do both;
  • I can help you find financing depending on where you are in your investing journey;
    • Most lenders will offer financing for only 4 properties or 4 doors, however there are a few who are unlimited and/or will go up to 16 doors. Knowing the difference is key to growing your portfolio the right way;
  • I can help you finance commercial property investments with access to the largest database of commercial lenders in Canada.


Buying A Rental Property

When buying a rental property for example, you will often be required to put down up to 20%-25% of the property purchase price. If however, you plan to live in part of the property you may be able to qualify for an owner occupied rental mortgage, one where down payments can be as low as just 5%.

Properties at or below 4 units are traditionally regarded as residential investment mortgages and are treated just like any other residential mortgage, with the exception of the requirement of a 20-25% down payment.

Properties with 5 or more units are treated as commercial and have vastly different requirements.  See the Commercial mortgage page for more information.


What is required to qualify?

If you are a self-employed or an employed investor, there are different requirements for paperwork. All paperwork is required up-front because pre-approvals are not given on investment properties.

By having your paperwork up-front, we can get your approval done quickly and therefore assist you to purchase the desired property with less hassle and frustration.

Paperwork for Employed Investors:

  • Last two years NOA (Notice of Assessments)
  • Last two years T1 Generals
  • Letter of Employment and last pay stub
  • Mortgage statements and property taxes for all properties you own, including owner occupied property
  • Lease Agreements
  • MLS Listing and Purchase Agreement for the property

Paperwork for Self-Employed Investors:

  • Last two years NOA (Notice of Assessments)
  • Last two years T1 Generals
  • Last six months business bank statements
  • Last two years business financials
  • Either full articles of incorporation or business license
  • Mortgage statements and property taxes for all properties you own, including owner occupied property
  • Lease Agreements
  • MLS Listing and Purchase Agreement for the property

*Keep in mind that this is the standard list and lenders may require more information upon review of your file.

Why all the paperwork? Since the sub-prime crisis lenders have become more risk-averse and in keeping with their mandate to make sure Canadians are not taking on too much debt, they must make sure you can afford the property in question. 


How Amina's Mortgage Services Can Help?

As a licensed mortgage broker, located in Newmarket, Ontario, I've got a trusted, long term working relationship with over 40 different mortgage lenders. Even better, as well as being able to source you the best possible investment property mortgage solutions, I help my clients protect their credit rating by pulling one credit bureau prior to forwarding your application to potential lenders.

Furthermore, with each client I conduct a free report for you, which tells you the following:

  • What your best mortgage options are based on your current credit and debt ratios;
  • How to take your portfolio from where it is now to where you want it to be and how to grow your portfolio by taking your deal to the right lenders in the right order – this can make or break you!
  • A thorough analysis of both your proposed property and the market you wish to invest in
  • Other options that can provide excellent returns without being a landlord


The Next Step

The investment property market whether in Canada or the U.S. isn't something to go into without being properly advised. As a dedicated and licensed mortgage broker, I'll therefore help you become more informed about the area which you're looking to invest in prior to looking at what financing options might be available to you and your specific investment purchase.

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“I engaged Amina to help me close a very complex condo deal under very tight deadlines. Amina was able to get me the best deal on the market and was very organized with the way she structured the deal to ensure the deal went smooth and was expedited at all levels of approval.  She is now my go to person for all my real estate deals.”

A. Duggal

Mississauga, Ontario


"I recently refinanced my principal residence and one of my investment properties, using Amina's Mortgage Services. Working with Amina was a great experience, she took the time to understand my needs, and managed to get me great mortgage rates and terms. Amina is very knowledgeable in regards to mortgages and real estate investment in general, and she is a great resource to have on your team of professionals. As well, Amina is very well connected in the real estate world, and she went out of her way to connect me with a great property manager and lawyer. If you are looking for a solid mortgage agent, I recommend contacting Amina for your mortgage needs."

R. Visser

Bradford, Ontario


"Amina is very professional in her evaluations and provides insights to real estate investing that a far beyond what a regular mortgage broker will offer. In addition she's very friendly and gives you fast feedback."

G. Mora

Mississauga, Ontario