Lease to Own

Stop Paying Rent & Become A Home-Owner With a Lease to Own Program

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You have bad credit?
  • You just been through a divorce and your credit is slashed?
  • You a new immigrant and can’t yet qualify for a mortgage but want to become a homeowner?
  • You a first time home buyer and been locked out of the market by the new mortgage rules or you keep losing out on bidding wars?
  • You have issues saving the required down-payment and need assistance and time to help you save?

Than LEASE-TO-OWN is the answer for you!


As a renter you are probably tired of paying somebody else´s equity position in THEIR property – isn’t it about time you invested your hard earned money in your OWN property?

Lease-to-Own provides just that!


The system of Lease-to-Own provides one the ability to lease the home for a two or three year term and have the right to buy that home at the end of the lease. An initial down payment of usually 4-6% is required – this is to secure the property for that lease period, as the landlord must take it off the market. In addition, you have a down payment secured for the bank, which will ensure your ability to get a mortgage. Rules have changed and lenders now require at least a 10% down payment at the end of the term!

Our program ensures you will have that savings in the bank, when it comes to qualifying for the mortgage!

Bad credit, divorce, new to the country – no problem! Think Lease to Own!


How Does It Work?

Once we run our due-diligence in checking out your profile, credit rating, and making sure you can make your monthly payments – we will ask for a 4-6% deposit to hold the property for you. Your monthly costs will include rent and utilities – we take care of property taxes.

We want to make sure that after the 2 or 3 year lease term period, you will be ready to own that home. As an added service, we set you up with a credit counselor and help you save money towards the final purchase price. In addition, a monthly credit is earned by you and put towards the down payment at the end of the term. This ensures you have enough for the down payment. Furthermore, you are locking in to a home at the current market price, while the home continues to appreciate over the two or three year term. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Make your monthly payments work for you -start off right today with our Lease to Own Program!


In Which Markets Do We Operate?

We work in most cities in the GTA, with the exception of Toronto as the prices are too high to warrant a Lease to Own program. As we endeavor to keep the monthly lease option payments as low as possible, we also try to stay under the $350,000 purchase price.  In addition, we also look for markets that can offer the following:

  • Population growth -we want to see the population rising year after year and not reversing or staying stagnant
  • Job or Industry growth – where there are jobs there will be more people moving, which stimulates the local economy
  • Infrastructure growth – is the city we are investing in or you want to live in, investing in the local economy and bringing in new commuter channels, such as GO Train stations, LRT as well as biways and highways?

Are you interested to know if your city or desired place to live is applicable? Reach out to us today for a discussion.


Case Study – Lease To Own

When a client cannot qualify for a mortgage, even after credit rebuilding and/or debt counseling, Lease to Own can become a viable option.

In short, Lease-to-Own gives the client an option to live in the home today, while saving for their down payment and rebuilding their credit.

If we were to look at the same client, he would have qualified, because he fit the criteria:

  • Has good income;
  • Is working on credit rebuilding.
  • Is doing a Lease to Own in an area with strong economic fundamentals and strong outlook for growth
  • Has a deposit of at least $5,000 to enter the program.

Lease to Own has two parts – one is the initial deposit and the second part is the credits earned each month that is directed to the down payment.

The Numbers

Rent To Own

Purchase Price today $265,000
Purchase Price after 3 yrs $304,750*
Initial deposit required $5,000**
Credits earned per month $650

Monthly payment $1950

Each month the client would be earning $708 towards his down payment, which in his case would be a min. of 10% required to qualify!