renew mortgage


Thinking about renewing your mortgage?

Is your mortgage up for renewal in the next six months? As a professional Mortgage Broker, it's my job to keep abreast of Canadian mortgage trends, and that's why 40% of people who utilize the services of professionals like me receive mortgage renewal rates 0.40% lower than those offered by their current lenders. How? It's simple. You see, whereas many people  think that their never missing a mortgage payment and their being in overall good standing with their current provider will automatically qualify them for preferable renewal rates, this simply isn't the case. Why? Because Canadian lenders especially are used to relying on their customers loyalty. As such they offer the best deals available to first time home buyers and people who are thinking of switching.

Renewing your mortgage with a broker like me can therefore almost always land you a better deal. In fact, if you are thinking about renewing your mortgage, I can obtain a rate hold for you for up to four months, and this service is FREE and with no obligation.

Being up to date on current Canadian mortgage trends and being able to source the best deals currently available from over 40 different lenders, I can then negotiate discounted rates with other mortgage providers whilst also using the discounted deals that they offer me as leverage against your current lender in order to try and get them to offer you an even better deal!

Of course, if you are thinking of renewing your mortgage there is a lot to think about. Lines of credit, whether you have an open, closed, fixed, or variable mortgage, and what set up fees might be applicable if you do decide to switch to another lender.

This then is why it's important to start taking action Now rather than at just the 21 day mark when most people's lenders legally have to inform them of their options by. Four - Six months for example, is just about enough time for me to shop around for you and if there are potential costs involved in you switching, we have time to shop around for a lender, who will absorb these penalty costs for you.

My name is Amina and I guarantee not only to get you the best mortgage deal possible, but to make the entire process about you and your future. Therefore contact me today and let's start talking about where you are now and where you want to go from here.



"I was introduced to Amina by some friends. The first thing I noticed is that she listened well to me and identified my concerns. She was very professional, reassuring and she advocated for me through out the process and ensured that all went well without any problems. I would highly recommend her service to anyone."
Joseph O.
Brampton, ONTARIO